Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Are Peace & Corruption Related?

" Corruption is the only explanatory variable used in every
model which shows consistent and significant correlations
with a variety of key peace and violence indicators."  (Institute for Economics & Peace)



Here is the Full Report on Peace & Corruption, or download the Peace and Corruption Report (2015) as a PDF from our site. Quite interesting!


Trends in Peace and Corruption.jpg



Corruption vs Global Peace Index.jpg



Control of Corruption.jpg



Political Instability and type of governance, as covered in the report, are also closely related, and as one might expect.

What mix of governance is associated with the highest levels of corruption? Read the report to find out!


From another source within IEP, the "Vision of Humanity" project ...


Is there a good source for characterizing "Political Instability?" Yes: a Vision of Humanity Interactive Map.


Here below is what it looks like. Make sure and explore the "Specify Indicator" button, as arrowed in the image below. 


Here unstable countries (on a scale from 1= stable to 5 = highly unstable) are in red, stable in dak green, and in between in shades of pink and beige. 

(The map below is not interactive. Click the link above).


Interactive Map with choice of indicator.jpg



So in resumé, the level of Corruption is also a component of selecting Targets for The Challenge.


"What can I do about this from in front of my computer?"


Our World will thank you each day, as does  And with time, you may never be the same again.

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