Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Be A Sun !

Think about it ... The-structure-of-the-Sun.jpg





Our Sun converts 400 Million tons of its matter to Energy, every second!




Think of the Sun as a perfect symbol of Compassionate Action, giving of itself to create energy, light and heat for its neighbors in the surrounding Universe.



    • The Sun intuitively understands the meaning of Abundance.
    • Our atmosphere works quietly and consistently as the keeper of Peace, filtering out what is desperately needed for life, from what could be very harmful and damaging to life. Perfect cooperation with the Sun.
    • Now if humans could just stop filling up our atmosphere with trash causing a greenhouse effect, this cooperative team could resume its prior perfection, helping humans to stay around another 100 years or so at least!


Go ahead: Be A Sun !

Meet The Challenge with others in your Universe, each day.


sun energy to earth.jpg



(Increase the Zoom on your browser (upper right in Chrome) to read what follows more easily) :


Sun Infographic.png


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