Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Corruption : when those caring for government, don't.


Transparency International


develops its Corruption Perceptions Index each year, as well as other infographics derived from its research.


Clicking on the image below, takes one to their site and the same map in interactive format. Here, one gets at least an overall sense of their results.


Using the legend at the bottom, one gets a sense that the corrupt countries of the world, outnumber greatly, the "clean" countries. Hmm ...


At least one question comes quickly to mind:


      • Why are many of the "clean" countries, supplying aid to the "corrupt" countries?
      • Less important question #2
      • Least important question #3

What do the "corrupt" countries have, that the "clean" countries want?   You may also have some other questions prompted by this research... 




On their site, the data are reorganized into various formats, such as this comparison of regional areas, in this case, countries of Western Europe.

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