Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

"Excuse me, but what you're trying to do ..., isn't that just a bit crazy?"

Sure. Crazy. Absolutely.


Like all the people in this car ...




The driver is an Austrian shepherd, Hans Breuer – singing a song in Yiddish.


"What's so special?" you ask. "He doesn't even sing so hot."


What is special is that this Jewish man is the son of parents who fled Nazi Germany before WWII. They became homeless refugees.


His car is filled with Syrian refugees to whom he is giving a ride to help them relocate from a camp in Hungary. Notice also when he sings, how silent everyone is until it's time to join in. Why? Because in that silence, they are being healed by the Spirit of His Song. Imbibing it through every pore. Sound crazy. Sure.


And that's  what's so special.


And, yes, that may take a little craziness. Making you different from those who may look at you strangely, for being not like them.


And where are you driving to? 


Where we have gotten to so far, arises 100% out of our ideas. Unhappy and frightened by our world? Perhaps it's time to change your ideas, and from there, our ideas, our World's ideas.


There's a song waiting quietly in your heart. Let it out. Sing it!


Do like Hans Breuer. Meet The Challenge.


Full story here.



Oh No! And yet here again ... absolute craziness,


... this time evolving out of an initial attack of craziness ... where is our World headed? 

Let's let you decide.  Where do you want to take it?



Need something with a little more of a beat? Try Tom Morley at Instant Teamwork.


Not crazy enough?

OK. Let's bring together some really Crazy People. Certainly quite different from you. Watch with caution.





Sure. Craziness. Tribal Berzerkies. 


And, finally, (or maybe not), here’s some more craziness. Imagine, human beings trying to build a Cathedral in the midst of craziness, then coming together within it, leaving their bias and prejudice at the door. That's Crazy!


What is not Crazy? Well, most would say that if something can be known, counted, categorized and recognized right off the bat as normative ("normal," if you prefer), then it is not Crazy. So The Challenge, not in its written words, but in its application as a practice, with Many becoming One for 20 minutes each day, gets a person into that space where Reality defies being categorized. It's bigger than the box of "knowing," where everything is tacked down. At times the question "how?" has no apparent answer. Can one live with a simple assurance, that an answer is somehow (or some-how) finding itself if we let it. Of course, "not tacked down" is also a realm where surprise and mystery roam unfettered. So be prepared! Participating in The Challenge, might just end up changing your life.


Sound Crazy? But is it crazy enough yet, to get the job done? 


Be crazy enough to accept and meet The Challenge. Pick up the gauntlet today. Be a Peace Warrior.


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