Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Here is a Teacher worth knowing, worth seeking out: Ashok Gangadean, Ph.D. - Welcome !

A teacher worth knowing becomes A Teacher :  a jewel to be cherished.


As I find such treasures, I quickly find myself desirous of sharing their presence with others.

When still in college one would have said: "Ya gotta take this guy’s class !".


So here's one: Prof. Ashok Gangadean, Ph.D.  We welcome him to and The Challenge.

You can see his site at : ((Global Dialogue Institute)) It is essential to obtain his teachings to know why that is in double parentheses: great and central symbolic meaning.

This evolved to become the ((Awakening Mind)) website. [Don't leave out a set of parenthesis, or you'll fall back into ego-mental thinking!!]


I will let him introduce himself ...




You can obtain his teachings on the Sounds True site: 
That link takes you directly to his program "Awakening the Global Mind."
Yes. Well worth it.


  • Clearly, this teaching is related to The Challenge, and its methodology, still (and hopefully for a while to come), in evolution.


I have had other Professors of Philosophy who have done a pretty good job of teaching where that discipline has been since its inception, who its Masters were and are, and including its manifestation in many global traditions. But this Professor of Philosophy will suggest where that world is now headed and why (including Philosophy's historical essentials and evolutions). Also suggested, where it should be headed, and why. And at least a key part of the methodology, the tools, the how, for getting us, the Family of Humanity to that realm. Especially pertinent Now, if that Family wants to have members co-existing Peacefully and with Compassion as a motivator for action, in the possibility of a timeline to follow.


I have quoted a part of this "Awakening" in a separate article here, under our "Dialogue: Beyond You" subcategory.





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