Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

"How Does This Work?"

A very good question ...


Here is the flow of The Challenge. (explained below)


STP User's Flowchart.jpg

By most standards, really not a very long nor complicated process. Yet, some will find in several of these steps, a severe, well ..., Challenge. 



Here is is again with numbers, to help follow the explanation :


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  1. Welcome ! You have made it this far. Make yourself at home and be at ease here at
  2. Read The Challenge. Clearly the place to start after welcoming. It's the most direct answer to "What's This All About?"
  3. Before The Challenge actually takes place, pre-read the "Guided Exo-Meditation."  What follows applies to #2 above as well as #3. Humans are usually represented as being composed of Body, Mind, and Spirit. As a function of how, where and by whom one has been raised, these 3 determinants of one's sense of self and world view, will vary tremendously from one person to the next. That diversity does not preclude coming together in a shared task, but it does make it more difficult, or more difficult for some. Let's say one rated, on a typical scale of 0 to 10, how strongly a person related to his/ her Body and Mind and Spirit in identifying and presenting that Self whom he/ she is, to the world. Here's what that divesity might look like  (click to enlarge) :    Diveristy in Holistic Composition.jpg
    Person "D" in the graphic to the right 
    attracts the eye because, in that Self, Body, Mind and Spirit seem equally important in defining who "D" is. Not only that, but "8" on a scale of 0 to 10 is a pretty high score, which means that "D" feels him/ her-Self to be very in touch with all three components. Pertinent to The Challenge, Person "D" scores the maximum of "10" for Spirit as a defining force in his/ her personality. Persons "A," "E," and "G" (the latter feeling that Spirit plays absolutely "0" role in defining self), these three find Spirit with greater difficulty in their lives, or see no reason to include it at all. It is risky to put occupations on these 7 people, but the stereotypes for sake of example might be that "C" is a monk, and "G" is a strange person indeed, and who is "in touch" with almost no component of his/ her Self during this period of human existence. ("He's a real, No-Where Man,"...).  Related to The Challenge, "C" and "D" might accept it and move right into it, with no resistance, and needing little or no assistance. "A," "E," and "G" might not be in touch with very much that permits them to even remotely imagine, participating in such foolishness. "B" and "F" might give it a try, but are looking for a great deal of instruction and support if this is going to work for them, and a bit afaid as "team members" at  SendThemPeace, of possibly letting others down. People vary, and that diversity is a good thing. Do you believe people are born to be one vocation or another, perhaps taking a lifetime to fall into the right one? 


    The idea here is not to weed out certain "blends" of individual composition or psychology, asking some after grading the "test," to get up and leave, and "thank you for coming." Compassion saves us from such "test" results, finding value in all "sentient beings" as offered in Buddhism. The Guided Exo-Meditation exists mostly for those who do not yet find an easy access into that component of Self, which is Spirit. I won't trouble you here to explore why that might be, nor prepare arguments for those who say, "There is no Spirit component to human existence. It's a mirage." And as presented elsewhere, my term Exo-Meditation seeks to take that Spirit aspect of Self out into the world, rather than Endo-meditation which brings Self into further awareness of Self and of Spirit in Self, if that still makes sense. It's actually, of course, a large circle. There are many forms and practices of meditation, and if they touch on Compassion for our World, they inevitably touch on Self-Compassion as well.


    The message here is that no one is excluded from participation, and for which remains most grateful. In time, effective tools that are known, and others as they are developed, will play a role in bringing everyone into the experience of Peace and Compassion, and sharing that with others as healing qualities. Some may feel or express that such a goal will simply not be met for them, ... that doesn't mean we won't keep trying. If you feel that The Challenge is naive, read here. Participation in our world in this way, some view it as healing..., remains, of course, an individual decision.

  4. Check Target Calendar - Unifying the effect of The Challenge requires to the extent possible, bringing together the effort, making it simultaneous where possible and practical. When monastics prayed "The Hours" of devotion in the past, it seems the farther one goes back in history, the more, and more often one found the Desert Fathers, and those after, ... praying. It was and is, their chosen line of work. The schedule has "lightened up" quite a bit in our day. Nevertheless, when the bell rings, you should be there. Few excuses pass. Similarly, having one's placemarking ribbons or cards out of kilter, might mean being incapable of knowing what one is to pray, or for what intention. Habits and little clues left here and there helped, and still help, to avoid embarassment. The comparison or analogy is not perfect, but the Target Calendar provides focus on any given day, for The Challenge. The Calendar is also visible in the Lateral Menu. The above link explains adequately, how to use it. An effort will be made to stay ahead in scheduling Targets. The Calendar as adjustable agenda, also allows for receiving suggestions about which potential recipients of The Challenge, should be added to its Calendar ( The Calendar permits knowing in advance, what the Target will be, which brings us to ... 
  5. Acquiring Knowledge about a specific Target. This has several purposes. It becomes easier to visualize internally, something seen in the outside world, when that "something" has been seen before, is seen frequently, and with an image that is vivid, and somehow made personal. Knowledge also comes from facts and expert interpretations of same. Fortunately, today information is much more readily  available informing a country's origins, history, and current status than in the past. So will try to link to useful sources, providing participants in The Challenge with a resource to better know and internalize, why a Target has been selected, and with a lead time (if all goes well) that leaves time to "chew" such information before The Challenge. Here is such information, presented efficiently in a Table with helpful links. In effect, this becomes dialoguing to learn, and the dialogue is between these resources and you. What should you take away? Your own personal preview of the Target, in place before The Challenge.
  6. Be On Time - This was also covered above in #4. But in addition, here is the site's clock page, aimed at helping with this effort. When is The Challenge? One aspect requires comment, or more accurately, planning. In the monastic traditions mentionned above, rising from sleep in the middle of the night for work of the Spirit, was at one time, and for centuries, commonplace. While anything can become a habit and therefore somehow easier to perform, keeping to this practice was, and is, anything but effortless. Selecting "12:00 noon (GMT)" as the Time On Target, means that those on the other side of the world will be supporting The Challenge at midnight. In fact, this choice of 12:00 noon in London (or Greenwich) means that from Honolulu to New York, participants will be facing a difficult practice. In our day and age, and since The Challenge has little to do with 14th century monasticism nor a dedication to its habits, and rising at night to practice ... let's include some flexibility. For those who insist on sticking to whatever time on their watch when it's 12:00 noon in Greenwich, well do so, and with appreciation of such fierce dedication. For others who's enthusiasm may be more quickly drained: shift your time 12 hours from the time suggested on our clock page for your Time Zone. You will form the "Second Squadron" of The Challenge, but with equal effectiveness, and a humanized practice.
  7. Accept and Carry Out The Challenge - So this is when it actually happens. And though you have probably by now seen it, if not, here is The Challenge, and here again is the Guided Exo-Meditation to get a sense of how this "carrying out" might be managed. And after 20 minutes, The Challenge is over. Or is it ? ...
  8. Carry Peace & Compassion Into Your Day - Not only could this be stated as a goal; something good to do as you come into contact with others, it goes beyond that. After experiencing The Challenge a few times (maybe after the first time), is betting on the fact that you will notice a difference in your Self. This doesn't have to happen, but it is likely that it will. What you have "sent out," will come back towards you, and without being asked. Suddenly, words like "serendipity" will enter not only your vocabulary, but also your life. Smile and remember when this happens. If you have a moment, drop us a line at
  9. Thank you for Send(ing)ThemPeace! - and there we have come full circle. Some, will already believe in The Challenge, before seeing if it works. Others, only after the proof starts flowing in. Both are "OK."  All will be proud of having been, and of continuing to be, an essential part of The Challenge.


 STP logo.jpgDiversitas hodie, sed cras Iunctus

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