Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

If The Challenge seems naive to you ...

If you approach The Challenge nervously,

from a space where your mind says things like: "This is impossible. This will never work because: it's too simple, it's too naive, it has no substance, nothing material to sustain it. Come on, let's face it: it's effect will likely be negligble. The problems of our world are so big!  Many more "Targets" exist than what I find here. So many details are still in need of being worked out on this site. Who's financing this? Are the funds really going towards The Challenge, or into some other pocket? Could I be personally identified and hurt by participating in this chaotic idea? Will some "Target," selected by the author of The Challenge, suddenly see itself as a target for hatred and destruction, and respond with same toward its participants? Will the home office get blown up? Do I want any part in such a war? If The Challenge had any chance to work, why isn't a large organization, with adequate staff and resources responsible for its implementation? Shouldn't someone in a position of power be carrying this out ? The Challenge seems ridiculously small. Don't whoever is at realize that you can't advance in this world without effective marketing?
I just don't know..."



And in that mind maze, my dear friend, ... you are in the wrong space.


You are endo-meditating with an unquieted mind. You are worrying. I'm sorry for that. Perhaps this is due to a wrong perception that Mind comes from Matter, and you are becoming fretful in this materialism.


I am not suggesting that you should abandon your practice of deepening your self-awareness, and that I have called endo-meditating. You should honor that practice. But realize that it is actually taking place within, and surrounded by a larger space that I call exo-meditating. And where and when you are quietly resting in All-awareness, you are in that exo-space.


So for 20 minutes each day,

in the company of others in our world, you need to exo-meditate.You need to pass into the light of your energy field of Idealism or Spirit, (and here I leave you with your preferred and very personal choice of word(s) for this space, which has boundless names), and Send Them Peace. You will quietly begin to sense with time, the world's deep gratefulness for your centered, focused, dedicated, healing practice. And sensing this, your faith will increase with time, thereby strengthening and guiding your exo-meditation's effectiveness.


Courageously accept The Challenge and Send Them Peace, as others are doing Now.

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