Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Listen to : A Guided Exo-Meditation

With the aim of assisting those whom it might benefit in meeting The Challenge, the "Guided Exo-Meditation" came into being.


If you have not yet read it, here are its three pages.


When one is deep in Send(ing)ThemPeace and meeting the Challenge with others throughout the world, turning pages and reading a document will only risk detracting from the focus required.


So perhaps, one should read it before the "Time On Target" of 12:00 noon (GMT) - (see your time, here).


Here is another option ...


... offered to those whom it might help develop the habit pf The Challenge. The recording below begins and ends with a bell-like cymbal  (tingsha), delimiting the 20 minutes devoted to The Challenge. This alleviates having to peek at one's watch or clock. The second ring of the tingsha, signals the end of The Challenge.


Click here to listen to the "Guided Exo-Meditation." (an audio player will open on a new page, and the MP3 file will begin playing automatically).


You are welcome to download this file to listen elsewhere, or share it with friends.


By right-clicking on that same audio player while the file is playing, a "Save As ..." option appears. Select this to download the file. It's 18.3Mb so that may take a bit of time (On mine took 55 seconds).


I have also placed a compressed, somewhat smaller (11.4Mb) file here, which still has pretty good audio quality.





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