Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Measuring Effectiveness of The Challenge at

One can go a step beyond hunches.


Roger D. Nelson, PhD., has been measuring the impact of Group Consciousness for years, starting at Princeton University’s PEAR Project, and the Global Consciousness Project. PEAR =  Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, Scientific Study of Consciousness-Related Physical Phenomena. What an intriguing title for a Department at a supposedly conservative institution. Knowing those who went there, anyone who believes that is wrong!

The Lab closed after meeting its objectives, but a Statement about its closing is offered here, and provides clues to where to head next.



Have a look at this video, to begin to get an understanding of Random Number Generators, and their use globally to measure, when the earth gets moved by consciousness. But far beyond that, an assurance that the time for Global Consciousness is in fact, without doubt, NOW.


And what is required? The INTENTION, to make our world change. As he says: "... compassion, is one of the most powerful drivers."

How powerful? Well if you are into statistics, a 7-sigma difference from baseline. Not into statistics? HUGE.





Here is an exerpt from the above presentation ...


What produces the greatest effects? 

(Highliting mine)


What factors are important.jpg



The following presents Effect Size and Number of People Engaged : (so get your neighbor involved in The Challenge ! )


Data presented are from 12 years of study, and as explained in the above video presentation: 


Number of people engaged.jpg


Shorter events have twice the effectiveness of day long events.


So know that The Challenge is working, and for reasons well grounded in science, with careful study over almost 30 years.


  • Study the current Target.
  • Be there at 12:00 noon GMT for 20 minutes each day, and ...
  • Tell a friend,
  • then focus and ... SendThemPeace.
  • Most importantly, expect that it CAN work. Have the INTENTION. 
  • Know that the effect is not something that we can directly perceive as we read, speak, or even participate. 
  • Measurement is possible, and shows that consciousness, without a doubt, extends well beyond the limits of our skull.

 And it will happen. It is happening. "Oneness," is not just a word from sages of the past, it is also modern wisdom.

But are we ready for this?


"When you put a thing in order,
And you give it a name,
And you are all in accord,
It becomes." ~ Navajo



"If you want to make other people happy,
practice compassion.
If you want to make yourself happy,
practice compassion."  ~ His Holiness, The Dalai Lama.




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