Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

The Peace Warrior Evaluator

"I don't think I can do this ... How can I know if I'm strong enough to make this happen ?"




Enter 12 values in our Peace Warrior Evaluator  here below, to see a summary of your strengths and weakness, and where they are located.


For each step in The Challenge process, enter a value from 0 to 5. This value is a summary reflection of your understanding and perceived ability for this particular "presence" or desired quality found in Peace Warriors.  The "12 presences" have been described elsewhere. Perhaps before entering answers here, re-read that summary of the steps on which The Challenge is based. Then for each one, ask yourself questions such as : "How clearly do I understand this desired quality or step in the process?" And perhaps: "How capable do I consider myself to be today, to put this step into practice?" And lastly: "Would doing what this step requires, be consistent with who I am, or go completely against the grain of who I consider myself to be?" 


Assessing one's current capabilities is the first step to embarking on training as a Peace Warrior. Don't worry about your score on this day, or any day. There is no passing or failing score. But use this Evaluator from time to time, answering as accurately as possible. Then put it aside for a while and come back to it later, to see what has changed. The effect on yourself of practicing The Challenge regularly, may surprise you. You won't need the Evaluator to convince you of that. On the other hand, having an objective opinion, and several assessments over time, may be of interest.


To begin, click "Reset" below to reset the radiobuttons, then click to select each answer. This without feeling rushed. You can select an "x" if you find that you simply have no basis for answering.

Clicking "Submit" when you're done will send us a copy of your results, all this anonymously of course. There is no field or answer given in this form, which could be used to identify you personally. The results of many over time, will be used to suggest which "steps on the path," may need more clarification or support.

To get a sense of what your submitted evaluation looks like on our end, click this link to see an actual result in PDF format.


Click "Print" to send your evaluation today to your printer. And finally, here is a link to our Peace Warrior Evaluator if this form does not display correctly here.


A last word about how to choose. Select :

  • "x" if you can find no relation to the word or words presented. No basis for answering. When one clicks "Reset," the form sets all values to "x."
  • "0" suggests that while you understand the Step Along The Path that a Peace Warrior would take, you have no ability here at all. Example: "Timeliness." You may realize that since you have yet to be on time for anything in your life, it is not a personal strong point. Someone from Management might say: "An opportunity for improvement exists."
  • "1" thru "4" - varying levels of understanding; of agreement with its inclusion as a step on the path; of ability to know how one does this; how one takes the step; resistance to moving on to that step; uncertainty about one's current level of mastery, of being able to find the step and tread fully upon it without falling into what is not the step.
  • "5" suggests a strong sense of understanding, agreement, technical mastery of methodology, no resistance, centered in the Step and one with it. This response implies that you sit comfortable with this step of The Challenge. You are a Zen archer flying with the arrow when it is ready to leave your bow, to be one with its Target. Arrow and Target are One, and always were. That's a "5." 



Congratulations ! 

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