Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Peace Warrior Tools - A 10 Minute Audio


Here is a 10 minute audio which contains subliminal affirmations, reinforcing the tools that each Peace Warrior is now developing. This method serves to assist in meeting The Challenge at Each will open in a new page on your browser.


Here is a version without brainwave entrainment (BWE) :


Peace Warrior Affirmations


And here is one with BWE:


Peace Warrior Affirmations with BWE


Both versions have subliminals supportive of our task here.


Since subliminal messages descend in an audio file to a point that is unintelligible to the conscious mind through sensory input (instead of ears > conscious mind, it becomes, ears > subconscious mind), here is the text for these subliminal messages. There are no other messages like: "Gee, drink a Coke now."


Peace belongs to those who practice it.

The 12 Peace Presences are : Welcoming, Knowledge, Sympathy, Empathy, Compassion, Abundance, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Timeliness, Peacefulness, The Feeling Driver, Compassionate Action.

All deserve Peace and shall have it.

Abundance gives unlimited Energy.

I am very successful at Send(ing)ThemPeace from my heart.

War has ended Now.

I see the effects of Compassionate Action.

The wrong perceptions of those who did not want Peace, have been corrected through love.

Finally. The Children learn and live Peace.

As a group, we have attained our goal of Send(ing)Them Peace this day.

Now filled with Peace, I share it joyfully.

The diversity of Others has disappeared, I see only One humanity, brothers and sisters in Peace.

I never knew I had the strength to do this, but I feel it increasing in me each day.

Those who need forgiveness shall have it.

Compassion omits none from this love.


The BWE part has been explained on the GEMs page, but Schuman Resonance (7.83Hz), Gamma (44Hz), and ExtraLowFrequencies (1.5Hz) are included to add support for the subliminals, using Binaual Beats and Isochronic Tones. As mentioned there, the presence of epilepsy, or of work needing full attention (e.g., driving a Formula 1), may be contraindications to simultaneous BWE.


Do you believe in the possibility or value of subliminal communication with a person's subconscious? Up to you to decide. 

Do people hear and decode multiple simultaneous conversations at cocktail parties? Apparently so, at least enough to merit multiple studies as presented here.

Patients do process verbal information while under general anesthesia, as this and many other studies have confirmed.

Here is a SlideShow on Subliminals.


Here are some references on subliminal communication, its history and perception. Clearly it sells.


Why not play these affirmations at full volume?


Because the conscious mind may start forming arguments against accepting them. This may happen less readily if the messages can get through to the subconscious mind.

Why do this?

While our brains contain about the same number of neurons as did that of Cro Magnon (80+ trillion, with 1,000 different types of neurons, a fly's brain has 100,000 neurons, by the way) how advanced is our use of all this grey (and white) matter? Are we commonly using all of our evolved brain? Some estimates suggest only about 5%.


Is it possible that our neural reactions to the topics of Peace and War, are in fact not very evolved at all beyond those that ran through Cro Magnon's mind as he sat to sharpen his spear?


If so, what are we waiting for? We'll get back to the subject of consciousness and quantum particles elsewhere. But what if sending compassionate action at a distance, like real Peace Warriors do, could be improved, could benefit ... from exercises that use the brain's neuroplasticity? Exercises that with time and repetition, place the human brain in spaces and times where it has only rarely voyaged. A space where compassionate action at a distance, works. Then what?


Taxicab drivers in London, are known globally for their ability to carry a detailed map of London in their brains. This is accrued over time, but also using specific methods that they are taught as they embark on this career. Functional MRI scans have shown repeatedly that that part of the brain linked to space  memory and interpretation, the parahippocampal gyrus, has increased in size and function in these drivers of the black cabs. Their parahippocampal gyrus "lights up" (increases its oxygen consumption and metabolic rate) when spatial and directional problems are posed to the cab drivers during fMRI's. The actual size of the parahippocampal gyrus is also increased when compared with the norm.


Conclusion? They have changed their brains to better accomodate travelling most efficiently through the space which is London.


So what are you waiting for to do some exercises, meet The Challenge, and SendThemPeace?


Give it 10 minutes now, and see what you think.


Subliminals.jpgSubliminal PW.jpg







Using the physical apparatus of the usual sense of hearing as seen below,

means that subliminals go beyond the usual receptive areas for sound within our brains. 


So, is barely audible subliminal speech actually getting through  to parts of our mind and awareness, unperceived ?


Yes, quite probably.


Here are a few more images, and the neuroimaging article from which they come... "Cerebral bases of subliminal speech priming"


Neuroimaging of subliminal priming.jpg




Subliminla Priming (Neuroimaging).jpg

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