Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Record your translation of our Guided Exo-Meditation and send it to us. Here's How...

Recording devices for computers and online use vary greatly in quality and error-free service.

The following suggestions should help you get your recording done, and to us, most efficiently.


1. Do you have a recording device on your computer?


If not, we suggest Audacity. This software is FREE. It is of excellent quality, and will serve you well in other endeavors. Works on various platforms. For Windows, here is the download link. The Mac link is on their site (use the link above to get there).

We also recommend downloading and installing a slightly older version (2.11) which has proven stable. It comes with its Help Text integrated into the download.

To do this, click here. In the box that says Select version, use the arrow and select "2.1.1" Then click on the first filename "audacity-win-2.1.1.exe"

The file will download to your computer's download folder, and show up as button at the bottom of your browser. Click it.

This takes you through the pre-installation of Audacity where you can also select the installation language. Click Next when you finally get to the Audacity Setup Wizard.

This also suggests closing other applications, a good idea. Wait while it completes installation, which places an Audacity Icon on your desktop.


To export files as MP3 format from Audacity, you will also need a small file called LAME MP3 encoder. Download it and install it. (Same process as above) Audacity will find it, once LAME is installed. You can forget about it now.




2. Of course, you need something to record.

  • So if you have not yet done your translation, from my English or French to your language, now is the time to do that and write it out.
  • Do NOT plan to add background music to your recording. It just adds confusion and makes it harder to hear what you say.
  • Do not make significant changes in the content, message or style, if possible of the original English version.
  • Keep your recording to about the same length (10 to 13 minutes, start to finish).




3. Using Audacity

  • In what follows, when you start Closing Audacity, it will ask you if "you want to Save?" Always respond by clicking "No". If that seems counter-intuitive, you will be Exporting your file at the end, and not Saving it. Why? Because Saved files (in WAV format) can be HUGE! We'll cover Exporting below.
  • You can use Audacity (click on its desktop icon) just as it comes installed in most cases, without making changes. It will find your computer's sound cad, microphone and speakers. It will find the LAME file for exporting as MP3 (if you installed it). If you didn't, it will remind you to do so.
  • The better your microphone, the better the result Audacity can give you. There, you might have to plug in your microphone, open Audacity, and see if it found it. To do this, click in the upper menu "Edit", then at the bottom "Preferences", and the following window will next open :

Audacity Device setup.jpg

  • Click the down arrow where it says Recording | Device. Select your device (microphone that you are going to use) and click "OK."
  • Now clear your voice, take a sip of water, and hit the Record (RED circle) button in Audacity.
  • To Pause while recording, click the Pause button || (Blue vertical lines)
  • To Stop Recording, click the Stop (Yellow Square).
  • To go back to the beginning, click the Purple back or rewind << button.
  • To Play and listen to what you have recorded, click the Play |> (Green triangle)
  • To get rid of a recording, on the left side of the box next to the recordings waves, at the top left, click the small "x"
  • More instructions are available by clicking the Help in the upper menu.


4. Saving your recording = Export your recording without saving it.

  • Now that you're a Star, save your work. Here's how...
  • Audio files are usually large. Sometimes very large. Audacity creates them in *.WAV format. Very large. So do not save your work. Export it. Here's how.
  • Once your recording is done and as you want it, Export it. In the upper Menu, select File, then Export Audio. The following window will open:

Exporting as MP3.jpg

  • Fouir Steps to Exporting ...
    • 1. Select where (to which Folder) you want to Export your recording.
    • 2. Name your recording (mine was "My Wonderful Recording").
    • 3. Confirm that it is being Exported in "MP3 Files" format. (Audacity has usually already selected this).
    • 4. Click "Enrégistrer" (in French on my computer), or whatever the button reads (Save, Record, OK, ...) on yours.
  • Audacity will open a window where you can enter your name or other information if you want, or not, but when done, click "OK" and Audacity does the rest to convert your recording to MP3 format and place it where you told it to (don't forget where that is!).


5. Send your recording to


  • Specifically, attach your recording to an email, and send it to :


6. Problems ?

  • Let's say your email responds with "That file is TOO BIG to send !" then try again after reducing its size for free, here. Once there, Browse to select your recording by filename on your computer ("remember where you put it !"), then select from the box below that, the "Medium File Size (Recommended)" then click "Upload Now" button. When its done (very quick), click "Download" and it will send you back your smaller file. Play the reduced size file on your computer before sending it, to see if it still works like before.
  • For other problems, send an eMail to the same :
  • If you have the capacity to check your file for viruses before sending me one, that would be nice. On my end that will happen three different ways before I download it. 


7. Thank You !


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