Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Result : cease-fire in Syria. The Miracle of Love!


how much movement there is each day to present all the horrible things in our world?



how little movement there was for applauding the cease-fire in Syria?



Syria was a recent Target at SendThemPeace! So take a little credit, if you helped meet The Challenge during those 10 days, for this cease-fire. It's the first in 5 years! Amazing!

And don't let yourself get sucked in by that "it won't last..." mentality. Boring.


The cease-fire happened because ....?

Well of course, there were negotiations, and agreements, and politics. But what does it really represent?


It is a Miracle of Love.

See it that way. A miracle of Compassion in Action in all its forms and manifestations. Feel it that way. See something Good! And it will be that way! Help our Earth pick up its crumbling, broken pieces!


And if your brain resists the urge to stand up and applaud the cease-fire in Syria right now, wherever you are, maybe your just too stressed.

Or maybe you've just finished an article here at STP with a very serious tone, or a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Maybe that is leaving you concerned about what is actually possible for bringing Peace into our world.


Well ...


Sit back, chill, and watch the Eurythmics. Then close your eyes and find the same message, and the same confidence, within yourself. Emerge from your hiding place in your world of illusion. Meet The Challenge. Join with others each day who are doing the same. Come back often to see how it's working.


You'll feel better.



Just because at SendThemPeace we take Peace seriously,

doesn't mean we can't take it Joyfully!  Here's someone else who always took her work joyfully!


A Drop in The Ocean.jpg


Do you feel that smile?


Today, tomorrow,

you can be that drop... It takes 20 minutes. What sorrows are you trying to hide? Try The Challenge. No side-effects, and reasonably priced. And finally, your best therapist, will be You.


Don't turn away.

Don't let the cease-fire in Syria end. They're not all refugees. Think of those who stayed, and SendThemPeace.


Syria - don't turn away.jpg



 Let the Miracle of Love take away their pain. And your pain with theirs. Meet The Challenge. Isn't it about time? Isn't it Now?


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