Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Seeing Beyond The Proposed Target

Targets for The Challenge,


are certainly selected using a process of knowledge acquisition and thought. The choices made would seem to dependent on some unstated rules of logic. This might be quite loose, for example, "that place looks pretty bad when weighed in the scales of Peace/ Compassion/ non-violence, with the opposites on the other side of the balance, dominating. Let's include it as a Target."


But with time, your participation in The Challenge may come to convince you that something else is going on. What? Well, do not be concerned in the slightest about where your feelings of Compassion, joined to those of others, are actually "landing." They are being applied where they are most needed. So if today, a certain region in our World is selected as the Target, other priorities at first inapparent to you, may result in a "rerouting" of what you are "sending."


Now a "thought mode" approach to this suggestion may quickly object: "sounds crazy..." and "who is doing this 'rerouting' of compassionate feeling?" and "how would you know?" which means, "what can you measure to prove this hypothesis?"

So I'm awaiting your feedback on this, after you've been accepting and participating in The Challenge for a little while.


In an article entitled "Bombs Away!" some analogies are developed between components of The Challenge, and the military exercise, but only in the sense of organizing a combined effort (e.g., Target time and place), and this for presumed increased efficiency or heightened effect. One clear difference is that I have never seen, or heard of, any 500 pound bombs spontaneously flying back up into a B-52 (quite a few people would have preferred that direction).


The Challenge seems to have a definite bi-directional component. As you add, during your 20 minutes each day of Send(ing) Them Peace, your heartfelt energies of Compassion and Peace to those of others, and moving this out into our World, ... let's call that "outgoing" energy. But is there for any given participant, or for all, an "incoming" component? Is it a circular, or an otherwise unified phenomenon, suggesting that, like other things in life, one gets back what one gives? You'll have to see. At times I already sense this right at the end of The Challenge.


Others have noticed and written about coincidence or chance events, which they have come to view as cause and effect rather than chance. The term "serendipity" has gained popularity to describe this. But does this Compassionate energy come back towards you? Being prepared to receive such, may heighten ones awareness for noticing when it happens. "When what happens," you may be thinking? Suddenly, for example, the discovery of a kindred spirit (not a ghost, a real live person in the flesh), and perhaps at what seems like the perfect moment, appearing in your reality. Or discovering an entire organizaton that is in place, effectively teaching children about Peace and how it can be attained and maintained, for instance. Perhaps something you had been seeking is found, and having a strong sense of this as "returning energy" suddenly presenting in your awareness. Or having seemingly impossible scheduling conflicts disappear, and being able to meet with several people afterall.


One could start jotting down in a Journal when such things occurred, if one felt the need to measure over time.


Another approach would be to simply observe the "arrival" of such energies with gratefulness, and be thankful in the moment.

And don't worry at all about whether the Target selected for today, is the right choice or not. SendThemPeace, and it will get to where it needs to be.


See if The Challenge over time gives you the impression of "incoming" Compassion and Peace, and keep us posted.

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