Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Sources for learning (endo-)Meditation

Here at, the emphasis in using meditation as a method for obtaining further awareness, is focused on Exo-Meditation.


That term, invented to facilitate discussion, suggests a type of practice perhaps more useful for meeting The Challenge.


Clarifying a few perceptions ...

... in outline form may be useful :


    • Absolutely nothing to be said here against the various better known forms of Meditation. One cannot hope to distribute an awareness of Peace and Compassion throughout our world, if these are absent in ourselves. 
    • The usual forms of Meditation are a subject in itself :  Meriting adequate presentation, discussion and answering questions that always come up. So this requires energy and patience and a willingness to be a Guide fo those in need of Guidance. It would be a shame to accept this job, then do it poorly.
    • So here,while accepting its essential role in meeting The Challenge, what is herein referred to as Endo-Meditation, aimed primarily at increasing awareness of Self, will take on a somewhat different form to become Exo-Meditation : a method for sending through Shared Consciousness, Compassionate Action and Peace to where it is needed. A method for increasing awareness for how to do this, will invariably return to Self-Awareness, so too much duality here need not become a source of fear nor opposition.
    • Rather than abandoning completely those seeking an introduction to, or further knowledge about (endo-)Meditation, it may still be possible to point one in a good direction. This by recommendations and links to good sources.


Never fear, the help is near ...

So here will place and update from time to time, useful sources of information and instruction about Meditation practice. These are not paid endorsements. If they appear here, it is because they have been tried, and found worthy. Any exceptions to that policy, should they occur, will be noted.


  1. A Student may benefit from a Teacher. One format may resemble taking a University Course, and assisting at Lectures. It is possible to do this through The Great Courses. "Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction To Meditation," by Professor Mark W. Muesse, PhD is an excellent start for anyone. It is course no. 1933 and can be found by clicking the link. It comes in several formats from video to audio download. Here is a video introduction to watch for this course.
  2. For the beginner, "Meditation in Seven Steps," by Reginald A. Ray, PhD is also a very good source. As you'll see when on their site, this is sold by Sounds True, another excellent source for initiating and supporting awareness practices. 2 CDs or 1 audio download, this program lasts 2 hours 29 minutes, so your introduction would happen relatively quickly. The first link leads to a Sound Sample which can provide an idea of its content, aimed primarily at bypassing the thinking mind to use instead, a deep awareness of body as an initiation into Meditation.
  3. Ani Pema Chödron is a Buddhist nun, recognized as an excellent teacher of meditation. She is a prolific author as well, and "How to Meditate, A Practical Guide for Making Friends with Your Mind," is another excellent place to begin. Her collection at Sounds True is quite extensive, and can be viewed here. The Pema Chödron Audio Collection is also to be recommended. Be sure to listen to audio samples, since this can at times pose an impediment (usually not with Pema Chödron).
  4. Meditation for Beginners by Jack Kornfield is an eBook that does just what the title suggests. Kornfield has been teaching meditation practice for years, with a well established reputation, and an extensive list of works written. This page shows the first 12 of 42 items available by this author at Sounds True. This link is to the CD or Audio download.

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.... from the Mark Muesse video.

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