Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

SPANDA Foundation

If you were not aware of SPANDA FOUNDATION, and the encouraging work of Sahlan L. Momo, have a look :



Spanda | Reaching out to the World: A Call to Action. from Spanda Foundation on Vimeo.


Also, have a look at a SPANDA Publication, "Consciousness & Development 2.0" (7.7 MB, so takes a bit to download, but worth it, since it presents many authors who would link themselves to the concept of "Global Consciousness." This let's one peruse, consider, and decide what one thinks about the various messages presented.


One should always of course, read such material with a healthy amount of skepticism in one's approach. Some things written may sound nice, yet have very shakey science to back them up. Even worse, ... hidden agendas, like religious conversion, or, ... you guessed it, profit. So read as though scanning the landscape to see what comes into view. Ask: "Why is this presenting now?" or, "What am I supposed to buy, do or donate to?"





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