Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

STP Bench Number : 1 - Initial Introduction


Entry Date & Time : on 1/17/2016 at 12:16:17 PM
Investigation Category Heading : Stress Management, Life and Project Optimization  
Principal InvestigatorMihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Domain : Psychology



Hypothesis Being Tested : A relationship exists between personal skill level and task challenge level. The relationship between the two can be used to define degrees of perceived operator stress, contentment, with possible desired effects on creativity and task optimization. An ideal interaction of the two elements exists and can be defined.


Methods Summary : Results from multiple interviews of individuals varying in level of success in their chosen field, will be analyzed and synthesized into a summary of whether the hypothesis holds true, and conclusions to be drawn will be presented.
Status : Completed


Mainstream vs. Frontier vs. Fringe level : Was initially viewed as at a Frontier, has now become quite Mainstream.


Results Anticipated : That a relationship exists between challenge and skills level, and that variations in these two variables, taken two at a time, determine relative operator satisfaction and task outcomes.


Results to Date : The hypothetical relationship has been confirmed, and an optimized relationship defined as a state of "flow," has been extensively described. In this state, stress is absent or minimized, and task objectives are most likely to be met or exceeded.


Effect Size : The absolute or varying degrees of presence or absence of "flow," can determine a range of effects on task optimisation from "High Stress: Nothing Accomplished," to "Happiness/ No Stress : Synergistic Accomplishment Beyond Expectations."


Individual vs Global Effects Observed : The "flow" state can benefit both individuals and groups of individuals with common challenges and skills.


Interpretation : Matching skills and challenge level can lead to a desireable and optimized "flow" state, contributing to Quality of Life.


External Reactions to This Investigation : The application of results obtained in this investigation has already yielded many positive outcomes in a wide variety of disciplines, over many years. More.


Proposals for Further Research & Directions at STP : Identifying challenges of most useful levels to be posed at STP, that increase skill by augmenting through neuroplasticity, adaptive strength, while avoiding a fall from the "flow" state, with resultant increased stress ("anxiety") or boredom.





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Key Words extracted : focused, ecstasy, knowing, doable, serenity, beyond ego, timeless, focused on present, intrinsic, reward.





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