Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Technology for Peace, or for Documenting and simply Reacting to Violence and War?

The following video presents Sheldon Himelfarb, Ph.D, who is the Director of the Center of Innovation for Media, Conflict and Peacebuilding at the United States Institute of Peace. 


Before giving you a reaction to this presentation, I rise where I am to applaud all those, and anyone who is dedicated to bringing Peace into our World.


Any method or group that brings lasting Peace, will find lasting empathic support here at


But do take a moment, and participate in this presentation, and see how you react :




So. What do you think?



I share a few thoughts and questions :


  • Is the PeaceTech Lab mostly dedicating its efforts to establishing Peace, or mostly to high-tech documentation and rapid sharing in real time, of Violence and War?
  • Is such a tech display preventive, or simply reactive, after Peace has, yet again, failed to manifest?
  • Is a technology that informs: "A missile is incoming! Duck!" to be applauded, duplicated, to be set aside one day when Peace comes, or to be taken as only one initiative with others in parallel? Or all of the above? Is it simply a marker for the limit that technology has now attained but not yet gone beyond?
  • Is it possible that the "World Peace Vision" (my quotes) at the PeaceTech Lab has been formed from a paradigm that, while remaining laudable in its intention, is flawed by its materialism? Since that term means so much, materialism is here intended as meaning that the whole of the effort (Peace), must arise from the sum of its parts. A belief that there should be many parts: a diverse collection of departments and sub-departments on an organigram, but always logical, reasonable, and known. Not much room left for inuition. This is the same mindset that developed Newtonian Physics, during and after Newton. A belief that certain laws govern behavior, and that known and understood inputs, create known and understood outputs. It is also a mirror of the mindset: "Bad guys did this? Blow the bastards up! Do we have the technology and resources to do it? Not yet? Let's find investors to get this done, and Blow the Bastards Up! Let's create technology to reveal to the world, where the Bastards are hiding, then Blow the Bastards Up!!" USIP PeaceTech - Issue Areas.jpg
  • Take the above to mean: is there a Department/ Program/ "Issue Area" at the United States Institute of Peace, that researches and implements methods and technology for obtaining Peace through the augmentation of Global Consciousness and Compassion? I didn't see it in their menu, reproduced at right. Perhaps "Religion" as an "Issue Area" is felt to include this. But if one type of spirituality arises in practice of religion, another component of spirituality is: Consciousness and Compassion. And when Compassion becomes Compassionate Action, one begins to move towards real world implementation paradigms and programs that are definitive, curative, not palliative.
  • ================================================================================= Some will shake their heads and whimper: "Gee, you were going so strong... Did you have to bring up that Global Consciousness shtik (שטיק), yet again?"
  • ================================================================================= Well, yes. Yet again. Now if Doctor Himelfarb presents in the video, (pointedly, but without grudge) that U.S.I.P.'s budget is significantly inferior to D.o.D.'s, I bet that enlarging the world view at PeaceTech Labs just a bit, could still be done within budget. 
  • "Enlarging?" What would that mean? It means leaving high-tech, but caught-in-a-box thinking behind, to move high-tech into the Now. The present. The moment we've been waiting for. This move has been delayed by the stupid turf battles in Psychology (yet another War for domination), with the PSY side as it's been called, in this centuries-long version of Jedi versus Empire Troops in Medicine. Paraphrasing: "If we can't see it in our most powerful electron microscope or fMRI scanner, it just doesn't exist. Quit bugging us. Move to the back of the line. We'll discuss funding with you a little later, and please leave a few sandwiches for the others."
  • So what this next transitions the argument towards, is that published research and efforts coming out of 30 years of research at PEAR at Princeton, (click here for an introductory video to this research) or the Global Consciousness Project, HeatMath's Global Coherence Initiative, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA), and others,... well, these all get the bedbug letter. What's that?

"A man was travelling by train from Chicago's Dearborn Station to Los Angeles Union Station, back in 1936, on the El Capitan. The trip went OK but he tossed and turned all night in his bed in the gleaming, silver Sleeper-Lounge car, and in the morning, identified itchy welts all over his body. His subsequent letter to the President of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway presented his disappointment and disbelief in a rather pointed manner. Not a week later, he received a letter of apology from the train company, echoing his disappointment and disbelief, and assuring him that "all necessary measures have already been taken for this unfortunate and regrettable situation that our company has never before experienced, and which you kindly called to my attention." It was signed, "Fred G. Gurley, President, AT&SF."


Feeling that his message had at least gotten through to the top, he again looked over his original letter, that had been stapled beneath the President's reply. There, scrawled on the back of his letter in pencil he could just make out:


"Margaret, send this son-of-a-bitch the bedbug letter!!" 



  • This "attitude problem" of psychology with things "PSY" has of course succeeded in poisoning anything more than marginal support for such "flakey" ideas as Global Consciousness. Unfortunately from the other side, too many studies with hidden agendas, (follow the $'s), and terrible or incomprehensible science, have been foisted upon the professional and lay audience, eventually landing in the trashcan where they belonged or originated. In their day, Copernicus and Galileo had also been faced with similar "attitude problems." It reminds me of what one of his teachers had said to Albert Einstein, a few years before he got his job at the Patent Office: "Einstein, hinsetzen. Ruhe. Und versuchen Sie um etwas zu lernen. (Einstein, sit down. Be quiet. And try to learn something.") Some say it was in a Physics course, but I can't confirm that.
  • So what is U.S.I.P. waiting for to add "Global Peace Consciousness" to its "Issue Areas" dropmenu and Progam? Does it view these initial explorations as unconvincing, unscientific, and simply, unbelieveable, perhaps thinking that such a step requires too huge a leap of faith? Great. Let's use all this technology that everybody from Google to Gates to small app developers are putting before The PeaceTech Lab, and get a move on. Dialogue. Network. Imagine. Build prototypes and wear them out with controlled studies. First project: a. Use technology to identify an area where Peace is failing (well under way); and b., develop technology to SendThemPeace through Global Consciousness, informed by mass communication to get a Mass Effect, and restore Peace, documenting effectiveness.  So let's use our diplomatic and policy skills acquired in government and industry, and  bug the right people. Bug the hell out of them. You know who they are. Inside government: Let's get and funnel a few million bucks (peanuts) out of D.o.D. into something that will finally bring Peace into the Present. Outside government: Let's turn all those "big company" logos into Peace. Finally. Once and for all. More than a promise. This isn't about bending spoons with telepathy or telekinesis. It's about saving kids' lives and letting their parents live long enough to be at their wedding. And if you can't find any empathy for that idea, you need more mindfulness meditation, or try one of our GEMs.  Let's add as much technology to The Challenge as we can, and as needed, to make Peace real. ASAP.



And a few last words for Dr. Himelfarb and the staff at U.S.I.P. :


Good work.  See yourself as the most important Agency in Government.  Keep it up. 



To get a first draft of the bedbug letter to send in response to this article, click on this link.

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