Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

The Deepest Hunger.

We have come to a practiced, intentional ignoring of people with cardboard hand-written signs on our streets.


Signs that read things like :


"Will Work for Food."  


In our busy day, the effect is grouped with other signs that might read :


"Repent! The End Is Near!"


Just more craziness in our world.



And here's yet another one for today :



Just crossing.jpg










































So what is this cardboard poet writing about ?  Well, ... 

      • This is a refugee who, while his English isn't perfect, is trying to get across a clear message. What would that be?
      • On his forehead is written: "No eating." Take that to mean that "eating" is now less of a priority.
      • "We don't need your food and water." Take that to mean that lesser needs are being put aside for now. "So please, reader of my cardboard sign, please stop sending us these lesser needs. If you nevertheless continue to send food and water, ... We'll all feel better for a while. I and my family will be satiated for a brief moment, and you will be satiated by the feeling of sympathy arising in your having given to a needy someone. Very nice."
      • "Just crossing" - Ah... we get to the guts of the request.  "Crossing" - as in crossing the Red Sea. As in, crossing the Jordan. As in, crossing the Rubicon, knowing that in that direction, there would likely be no going back. As in, crossing the Atlantic when all the potatoes had rotted, dried up and withered. As in, crossing from the division of ego-mindedness, into the unifying, eyes closed, hands held together, tears of joy not sadness, heart felt method of Compassionate Action. Wow. Now wouldn't that be a personal crossing!
      • "What kind of an appetite is 'just crossing' ?" you ask ... It's the deepest and most gnawing appetite humans can experience. It's an appetite for freedom from oppression. It's an appetite for Liberty. Are we up to that? Can we SendThemPeace? 

Or is this just another half-crazy guy's sign ? :

A foreigner who can't even spell, and who's pushing his kid out there in front of your senses to get your sympathy.


(Probably a criminal. An alcoholic or drug addict who will just drink up or shoot whatever change you give him from your pocket).


Sorry for the interruption. You probably have lots to do.


"Just crossing ..."

Put your fears aside, feel it with your heart, and let a miracle happen.


Crossing over.jpg

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