Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

The Guided Exo-Meditation, with Brainwave Entrainment (BWE)

Here is the Guided Exo-Meditation, here offered with an underlying track of binaural beats. If you know what that means, and want to give it a try, click on this GE-M BWE link.


If you don't know anything about Binaural Beats or Brainwave entrainment, here's a quick synopsis :

  • Our brains emit a family of waves with varying frequencies - proof? Do an EEG, and if the person is alive ... > a record of his/her brainwaves.
  • To avoid making quick assumptions about you, the reader: EEG = electroencephalogram. It was first developed by Hans Berger, starting in 1924. He had pursued his search for brain waves, which he subsequently found, naming the first wave discovered "alpha," for an interesting reason. Berger had previously had a telepathic experience with his sister which made him obsessed by the idea of how his mind could have carried such a signal. (Berger, 1940). An article devoted to how "minds carry such signals" will be offered elsewhere eventually, but the reaction to Berger’s discovery was pretty typical: "His findings were met with incredulity and derision by the German medical and scientific establishments."
  • Certain physical states, let's take deep sleep, are associated with a smaller range of frequencies. Sleeping? Your brain might be putting out 4 to 6Hz
  • Hz = Hertz, and other activities have different frequencies than in sleep. Makes sense. Fully awake and alert might find you at 14Hz as an example.
  • Quiet resting and reading, might find you emitting 9 to 12Hz, again as examples. Really anxious and nervous? 18 to 30Hz might present on your EEG.
  • These waves were given names: delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma (or high beta): those are listed from low to high frequencies.

Still awake?

  • The best way to get a full introduction to this is to Google brain waves and see what appears. Also have a look at the introduction to our Guided Exo-Meditations (GEMs) on this site.
  • Now none of these frequencies are anywhere close to the frequencies of a cellphone, microwave, or X-ray beam, FYI.
  • If these different brainwave frequencies are associated with a mental state, is it possible to introduce a frequency into a brain, and get a mental state?

Yes it is.

  • It's called brainwave entainment. How does one do that? And what does it mean? It means that if you stimulate within the brain with a certain frequency, let's say 3.8Hz (Hertz), that wave propagates over the surface of the brain, and the brain starts to copy it and follow it, = entrainment. Next thing you know, at 3.8Hz, you're snoozing away quite deeply, and your significant other is elbowing you to stop snoring. That's simplistic, but we'll leave it that way.


How do you get the frequency desired, into the brain? Is there a needle? Is this going to hurt?

  • No needles, no pain. Really not much danger at all, since one is stimulating the brain to accept frequencies that it normally emits at certain times.
  • One warning: Those who sell CD's with BWE files, usually mention loudly at the start of the CD, that if one has epilepsy, maybe this intervention of BWE is not for you. I've never come upon a report that someone began seizing while listening to BWE. If pertient to you, Google that as well. More importantly, if you are listening to BWE frequencies that are normally associated with deep sleep, and your driving your car or Sikorsky helicopter, that may be a bad idea as well. Moving on.
  • In brief, let's take a tone, a musical note, like a violin A string playing that note, that's at 440Hz. Let's take a headset, and stick that in your right ear. Now let's take another source, emitting at 443.8Hz, and stick that in your left ear. ("Can you still hear me?!" - just kidding). Those two tones have a difference of 3.8Hz.
  • That difference will present in your brain, as a beating sound. A wah-wah-wah-wah-wah, if you can imagine, and it will be repeating at 3.8Hz (3.8 cycles of that beating wah-wah, per second). So know your brain "hears" that, starts spreading that from one neuron to the next, and the next thing you know, your brain is "entrained" and parts of it are humming along at 3.8Hz. ... "Hey, wake up!" So you now have an explanation of "binaural beats" and can with only a bit more reading, open your Neurology Clinic.

Now what on earth or elsewhere, does all that have to do with Peace?


  • If the Guided Exo-Meditation referred to throughout this site can serve for those less experienced in meditation practice, it will have served its purpose of facilitating The Challenge for some.
  • Now imagine that those known to be experienced at deep levels of meditation have been studied with EEG. Well they have been.
  • Now imgine some more that when deeply meditating, say on the practice of compassion, that their brains are emitting certain identifiable frequencies, and different from their neighbor Joe, when he's just waiting for the bus. (Assumes Joe is not listening to BWE while waiting for the bus).
  • Now imagine a last time, that one "entrains" a brain (yours?) with "binaural beats" in that sought-after-frequency of deep meditation on compasion.... Well if it works, you may have just saved yourself about 5 or more years of progressive learning on your own to get to that state. We'll put you in that state with our selected binaural beats. Sort of an upper Delta, Theta, and Alpha wave brain song, that it will soon be chiming in with andhumming right along, it's two hemispheres, marvelously balanced. (Do not take this as my suggestion to ditch your current guru and practice of sitting, and buy more BWE CD's).

You don't need any of that?

OK. That's fine. But if you would like to give it a try, put on some headphones or little ear thingies, and click on the link.


"The Desert Fathers didn't have ear thingies when they did meditation ... Why do I need ear thingies?"


Different ways to answer that. But if many currently sense a continued split between the materialistic world view of Science, and the methods of various practices designed to open Self to a deeper awareness,... is it possible to reconcile the two? At, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" So little by little, additional opportunities to reunite Science and Spirit, are likely to appear here over time.


As an aside, when I say "materialistic" I don't mean as in let's weigh that brain, and I'll tell you what its costs by the pound or gram, in dollars, euros, Yen, or other currency. That's more "consumerism." I mean that science has a habit of seeing it as matter. Somehing to be cut up, stained, examined under the microscope objective, looked at in a PET scanner, etc. and once one has found and defined all that this "matter" is composed of, well that's it. Put it back in the box. The softer realm of Spirit, suggests that brain (when in normal anatomic position), is much more than that. More than its visible or measurable component bits. Not just the physical brain, but other components of the intact self as well. You like to carry your Spirit in your heart for its home? OK. no problem. Some cultures place it in their kidneys.


So take "brainwave entrainment" and "bianural beats" as offered here, in that sense.


A supportive tool for meeting The Challenge, for some who find it useful.


All the better. Or if you want that in French: Tant mieux.


Guided Exo-Meditation, with Brainwave Entrainment (<< headphones on and click on the link).


All of the GEMs at, are found at this page.






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