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Perhaps you have, as I do, a toolbox.


Maybe several. Now try to see yourself with your head stuck under a bathroom sink, trying to unscrew, remove replace... whatever. Ultimately, the goal is to let the water go through to where it needs to get. Equally true for water on the way up, or on the way down.


Anyway, one hand waving around in space, you reach blindly into that toolbox, and by feel, you pull something out, put it in front of your nose under the sink, and say with dismay to yourself (or to your dog who's seated nearby and watching with great interest): "No, that's not it." Tool gets dropped and pushed out of the way. (Dog sniffs tool, thinking: "I could have told you it wasn't that one.")


Same exercise. "No, that's not it either." Same result again. I'll spare you the sequel.

But finally, having only slightly wrenched your back as you crawled back out to seriously consider your toolbox's contents, you are able to say: "Aha, ... there you are," as you grasp a favorite pipe wrench, or crescent wrench, or strap wrench, or whatever it is, holding it up for your dog to see and approve. You have already seen in your mind's eye that it is going to be the tool. You already see the piece under the sink, loosening at the first "oomph" of this extension of your human hand.


So that's what is looking for in its toolbox. An extension of the human brain. But probably much more, an extension of the human spirit. An extension reaching out into the world to lay hold and grasp that world where its needed, and give it a serious turn. "Human spirit" suggests a spiritual tool, and not to get lost in semantics, but the sense of that word might bother some readers. Others not at all, as they welcome a spiritual tool, and wipe it off to get it into pristine shape after its last, and before its next use. Perhaps it's a Universal tool, or at a minimum, a Global tool.


I am not going to ask you to start training to fix your sink at a distance, the next time that's needed, without touching it. Perhaps a web page exists that could teach you that, but it won't be this one.


I am going to ask you to address a problem in our world, without buying a plane ticket, bringing along your toolbox with your suitcase, and taking a cab to the problem's location after your flight touches down: with or without wearing a helmet and flack jacket. Instead, I'm going to ask you to do just that, address and solve a problem, right from where you're currently located. In fact, I already have: and that's The Challenge.


"Good luck," I add, as you embark. And maybe you respond, "Good luck, yourself."


Are we starting from a place of having no idea at all, of where to begin?


Of how to begin? What could we find if we give the toolbox a shake, and opened it up to see what's available?


In other domains than Sending Peace, people have been at work.



Let’s have a look.



But if you already have that tool that's better than all the rest, would you please share it?



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