Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

"What is your relationship with ISIS?"

None?  And don't want one?  And happy to say that?



Yes. Certainly a challenge to reach ISIS right now, through dialogue.


"OK. You trying to get your head blown off, buddy ? Your tongue cut out ? Hunh ?  Is that what you're after here ?!"

In surgery one learns to say: "Move from known to unknown." This avoids missteps.

So to support your dialogue, what do you know now? Do you have a profound relationship with a teacher who can expose you to what you don't know?

Because if your knowledge is lacking, but you feel that doesn't matter. If you're happy with your monologue just the way it is ... 


Have you read Huston Smith's section on Islam in his book, "The World’s Religions"? It's been the Religions 101  university course bible (pun intended) for years.
Start there. (Want a smaller view of world religions? Buy Smith's Islam. But know that the larger text includes this smaller text, and for not much more expended).


How can one have anything but a shadow relationship with another person, if one doesn't know and feel their beliefs? If one hasn't thought through, on what these beliefs are based, and the historical context in which they arose?

Then ask yourself: "Where are my relationships in this? Who do I trust to guide me in creating this dialogue? Who's feeding me the information that I need? The media? My Social Networks?

Commit now to relationship, and dialogue: not, action based on ego-centric fear. 


Now, I understand without being too judgemental,  the following reaction to the above statement :


"I may be expressing a bit of "ego-centric fear," as you call it ... But before I start drinking tea with ISIS members, I wouldn't mind seeing a few more 500 pound bombs dropped on their heads. This of course, only to encourage and support your call for dialogue, and reduce by a bit, my "ego-centric fear." Maybe such action taken daily for about the next 3 months or so: the bombs, I mean. Then I might feel better about drinking tea, chatting a bit, and listening to what they share with me as to their desperate needs. I don't mind being in a "shadow relationship" as you called it, with these guys. I'd say I favor, No Relationship. But I do think that a few more 500 pounders just might increase my compassion considerably."


Have bombs ever helped to put an end to a dictator's madness? Yes. At least to the actions arising from that madness. This, by placing such action out of reach, as material resources and troops for continued action became "unavailable."  And who else suffered, as always? Just the berzerk dictator? You know the answer.


Is bombing always effective to meet one's ends or "end the War, finally assuring that a permanent Peace Is At Hand"?  No. Look at the "Christmas Bombing" by B-52's and others at the end of the war in Vietnam, this in never-before-seen concentrations. Did "our side" win? No. Did many humans lose? Yes. A material method that was completely ineffective at meeting its goal. Even the pilots and crews said that the method of carrying out these same bombing runs, in straight lines day after day, were stupid, and contributed to their losses. But our subject is not military tactics for winning wars.


"Yes, it's sad. Very sad. But that's war. What else have you got?  And say,... you're not a Pinko-Commie are you"?


Are we now in a new space ? Or not yet ?


Is there a more Spiritual rather than a Material method, to SendThemPeace?



While many are laughing, or staring in wide-eyed disbelief,... let's try The Challenge.

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